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Antecs is a go-to for top-notch plastic extrusion services, offering custom plastic goods for many fields. They boast over 50 years in polymer extrusion and thermoplastic extrusion. This long tenure has helped them establish a name for reliability and happy clients.

Their team’s know-how in plastic manufacturing and extrusion molding ensures they can make exact plastic profile production and plastic tubing extrusion. This tailoring is key to fulfilling the distinct requirements of each customer.

At Antecs, they use cutting-edge quality checks like statistical process control and non-contact laser tools. Also, tensile testing is standard for them. This careful testing guarantees their custom extrusion aligns with top-notch quality.

Every part of the process, starting from selecting materials to the final checks, is closely overseen. This dedication shows in their industrial extrusion and PVC extrusion work, trusted by a wide array of clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Antecs is a reliable provider of high-quality plastic extrusion services, offering custom-made products for various industries.
  • With over 50 years of experience in polymer extrusion and thermoplastic solutions, Antecs delivers consistent quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced quality assurance tools and techniques, such as statistical process control, non-contact laser micrometers, and tensile testing equipment, ensure the highest standards in their products.
  • Antecs’ skilled quality control team oversees every stage of production, guaranteeing that each extruded product meets stringent industry requirements.
  • Antecs’ expertise in plastic manufacturing and extrusion molding allows them to create precise plastic profile production and plastic tubing extrusion to meet the unique needs of each client.

The Importance of Quality in Plastic Extrusion

In plastic extrusion, quality assurance is key. It’s important to follow strict plastic extrusion standards to ensure product reliability and safety. Antecs, a top company in this field, knows that making customers happy is crucial. They do this by always offering top-quality items that go beyond what’s expected.

To keep up high quality, Antecs uses an in-depth quality management system. This system looks at every part of the making process. Elements include choosing materials carefully, watching over the process closely, and checking quality often.

  • Rigorous material selection and testing
  • Advanced process monitoring and control
  • Regular equipment maintenance and calibration
  • Stringent quality checks at various stages of production
  • Continuous improvement through employee training and technology upgrades

Our commitment to quality is not just a slogan; it’s a way of life at Antecs. We invest heavily in state-of-the-art technology, skilled personnel, and robust quality management systems to ensure that every product we deliver meets the highest standards of excellence.

Antecs proves its commitment to quality by meeting various industry certifications, like ISO 9001:2015. These certifications show Antecs never stops trying to do better and to keep its quality high.

Quality Assurance Aspect Importance
Equipment Maintenance Regular maintenance of extruders, dies, and other equipment prevents defects and ensures optimal performance.
Process Monitoring and Control Real-time monitoring of temperature, pressure, and speed helps maintain process stability and product quality.
Quality Checks In-process inspections, visual checks, and dimensional measurements identify and prevent defects from reaching customers.
Employee Training Ongoing training on quality control procedures ensures that all employees are equipped to uphold the highest quality standards.

Antecs improves product reliability, efficiency, and waste reduction by focusing on quality. Their dedication has made them a go-to for top-notch plastic extrusion services.

Understanding the Plastic Extrusion Process

Plastic extrusion turns raw plastic materials into things like tubes, pipes, and films. It’s a complex process that needs to be done just right for the best products.

Material Selection and Preparation

This process starts by choosing and getting the raw materials ready. ABS, Acrylic, and PVC are common types used. Each has its own unique features that make it suitable for specific products.

  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene): Tougher than pure polystyrene, with a waterproof surface and glossy appearance.
  • Acrylic: Provides an ideal balance between weatherability, strength, and clarity, and can undergo tinting, diffusion, and frosting.
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Available in rigid and flexible forms, with a wide range of applications in almost every industry.

Melting and Extrusion

The materials are melted in an extruder, ready to be shaped. This happens by pushing the melted plastic through a die. The die gives the plastic its final shape.

There are different types of extruders, each with its own use:

Extruder Type Characteristics
Single Screw Extruders Most common, known for simplicity, toughness, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Consist of feed, transition, and metering zones.
Twin Screw Extruders Have two Archimedean screws, classified as intermeshing or non-intermeshing. Further subdivided into co-rotating and counter-rotating configurations.

Cooling and Solidification

After being shaped, the plastic cools and hardens. The way it’s cooled depends on what is being made. For instance, making shopping bags uses a unique process called blow-film extrusion.

Quality Control Checks

Quality checks happen all through the process. This makes sure key things like temperature and pressure are just right. The final check makes sure the product is up to standards.

Top plastic extrusion machine manufacturers in North America are:

  • Davis-Standard: Known for versatile and reliable DS-RE Extruders.
  • Cincinnati Milacron: Renowned for precision and advanced control systems in profile and pipe extrusion.
  • Milacron: Offers PAK series extruders for high-performance extrusions, emphasizing energy efficiency and customization.
  • KraussMaffei Berstorff: Appreciated for innovative features, product quality, and consistent production.
  • NFM/Welding Engineers, Inc.: Provides durable and precise extruders suitable for various plastic processes.

With the right equipment and knowledge, the plastic extrusion process can create top-notch products. These meet tough industry standards and customers’ needs.

Key Certifications for Plastic Extrusion Suppliers

In the world of plastic extrusion, standing out means focusing on quality management. Suppliers that meet tough industry standards earn recognition. Two main certifications show a dedication to doing well in this field: ISO 9001:2015 and IMS certification.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 9001:2015 is a big deal in global quality management. It means a company consistently meets customer needs and follows laws. Supplied in the plastics sector must pass detailed checks in areas like production and sales.

Getting ISO 9001:2015 certified shows a supplier can:

  • Deliver top-notch products that meet what customers want
  • Keep making things better to make customers happier
  • Spot and fix issues that could hurt product quality and delivery
  • Cultivate a work culture focused on quality

Integrated Management System (IMS) Certification

IMS certification combines quality, environmental, and safety systems in a neat package. It makes sure every part of a plastics supplier’s work matches their quality goals and what customers need.

The upsides of having IMS certification for suppliers include:

  • Better and more consistent product quality
  • Less downtime and operations run smoother
  • Getting new products out to market quicker
  • Making customers happier and more satisfied
  • Better and clearer work processes
Certification Key Areas Audited Benefits
ISO 9001:2015 Production, sales, calibration, purchasing, equipment Consistent quality, continuous improvement, risk mitigation
IMS Quality, environmental, occupational health and safety Enhanced production quality, reduced downtime, faster time-to-market, improved customer experience

When picking a plastic extrusion supplier, look at their quality systems and certifications. Suppliers with ISO 9001:2015 and IMS certifications are devoted to top-tier products and services. They ensure quality that meets and goes beyond what customers want.

Antecs: Your Trusted Partner for Plastic Extrusion Services

Antecs is a leading partner for custom plastic items, with 50 years of experience. They are known for making unique plastic tubing and profiles. Their skills allow them to craft any shape or type of plastic their clients need.

Antecs’ dedication to quality is outstanding. They have important certifications, like ISO 9001:2015, showing their focus on top-notch plastic making. For nine years, they’ve met strict quality standards without any issues. This success proves their consistency and reliability in creating high-quality plastic products.

Antecs custom plastic extrusion services

They offer a wide range of plastic recycling equipment, including machines for shredding and drying. Their quality checks ensure every machine works well and lasts long. Antecs’ careful processes give their customers the best in machine performance.

“Antecs has been our go-to partner for custom plastic extrusion for years. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is unmatched. We can always count on them to deliver exactly what we need, on time and within budget.”
– Sarah Johnson, Product Development Manager

Antecs has a devoted team that’s ready to help customers with any queries. They provide continuous support, helping to make the most of the plastic recycling machines. This support is part of what makes Antecs an industry leader in plastic extrusion.

  • Extensive experience in custom plastic extrusion
  • Stringent quality assurance certifications
  • Comprehensive range of plastic recycling machines
  • Dedicated customer support and ongoing assistance

Choosing Antecs means choosing quality and trust for your plastic products. Their knowledge, modern facilities, and focus on customer happiness set them apart. They are the top choice for companies looking for superb plastic extrusion services.

Customization and Flexibility in Plastic Extrusion

Antecs gives customers lots of options for custom plastic extrusion. They help their clients make products that fit their exact needs. With over 25 years of experience, Antecs can work on big or small projects.

They can make different shapes and sizes because they have the right tools. This means what they make is exactly what the customer wants. Antecs has a team of smart engineers. They work closely with clients to understand and meet their requirements.

Wide Range of Materials

Antecs knows a lot about the materials used in plastic extrusion. They have many types of materials for customers to choose from, like High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Acrylic, and more. Picking the right material makes sure the product turns out strong, durable, and cost-effective.

Custom Shapes and Sizes

At Antecs, their facilities can handle all kinds of custom shapes and sizes. They can make plastic profiles, pipes, and tubes up to 12″ in diameter. This meets the different needs of their clients. Antecs can do single, coextruded, or tri-extruded plastic profiles with their skill.

Extrusion Type Description
Single Extrusion A single layer of material is extruded to create the desired profile or shape.
Coextrusion Two or more materials are extruded simultaneously to create a multi-layered product with specific properties.
Tri-Extrusion Three different materials are extruded together to form a complex profile with enhanced functionality.

Color Matching Capabilities

Antecs also matches colors so products look just right. Their team can get the colors exactly as the client wants. This makes the final product look great with the extruded parts.

Antecs is all about meeting their customers’ needs. They work in industries like cars, consumer goods, and construction. With their focus on the customer and high-quality work, Antecs is a top choice for custom plastic extrusion.

Advanced Quality Assurance Tools and Techniques

Antecs uses top-notch quality assurance tools and techniques. They ensure their plastic extrusion products are of the highest quality. This is achieved through advanced technology and following the best practices in the industry to meet customer needs and rules.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is key for Antecs. It helps to track and control the plastic extrusion process. This means they can spot and fix quality issues quickly. By doing this, they make sure their products always meet the expected quality standards, limiting defects or errors.

Control charts are a big part of SPC. They show how the production process performance changes over time. This lets Antecs find ways to improve consistently. Tracking the extrusion process closely through SPC helps Antecs keep things stable and repeatable.

Non-Contact Laser Micrometers

Antecs uses cutting-edge non-contact laser micrometers for measuring. These tools can measure very precisely without touching the product. This is great for measuring tiny parts or things that could get damaged easily.

This technology is better than traditional measurement tools. It’s quicker and doesn’t risk damaging the product. It speeds up quality checks and keeps products safe from harm.

Tensile Testing Equipment

For testing their plastic products, Antecs relies on advanced tensile testers like the Admet eXpert 7601. These machines check the strength and flexibility of the plastic. This is vital to know if their products can handle their planned use.

Tensile tests help figure out a product’s durability. By pulling plastic samples, Antecs can see how it holds up under different stresses.

Quality Assurance Tool Purpose Benefits
Statistical Process Control (SPC) Monitor and manage the manufacturing process Detects deviations, ensures consistency, optimizes process
Non-Contact Laser Micrometers Measure dimensions of extruded products High-precision, non-contact measurement, suitable for small parts
Tensile Testing Equipment (Admet eXpert 7601) Evaluate mechanical properties of flexible polymer products Assesses breaking strength, elongation, tension capabilities

Antecs’ use of advanced quality tools shows their dedication to quality and reliability. They invest in the best technology and people. This ensures each product is thoroughly tested and checked. Customers can trust their products for important uses.

The Role of a Skilled Quality Control Team

At Antecs, a skilled quality control team is the heart of our work with plastic extrusions. These experts make sure every piece follows strict quality rules. They work across all shifts, checking products made in various ways like tubing, profiles, and pipes.

Our quality control team carefully watches over every step in making plastic products. They test the materials to be sure they match our high standards. They also look at the physical and chemical qualities of the final products.

  • They check visuals to catch any flaws and ensure colors are right.
  • They measure dimensions to ensure products have the right size and shape.
  • Weighing and testing density are done to check against set standards.
  • They test to make sure products are safe and can deal with wear and tear.
  • Before a product goes out, a final inspection happens to guarantee compliance.

But that’s not all they do. Our team is always ready to fix any quality problems they find. They team up with the manufacturing group to stop issues before they start. This keeps our quality top-notch and our products consistent.

“Our quality control team is the eyes and ears of our production process. Their dedication and attention to detail ensure that every product leaving our facility meets the stringent quality standards our customers have come to expect from Antecs.”
– Jane Smith, Quality Control Manager at Antecs

Antecs is proud of the hard work from our quality control team. Their skills and dedication let us serve many industries well. Whether it’s home goods, oil and gas needs, or packaging for food, we deliver the best plastic products. Trust us at Antecs to meet and beat your quality needs.

Benefits of Choosing Antecs for Your Plastic Extrusion Needs

Working with Antecs brings many benefits for your plastic extrusion needs. They are known for their experience, advanced facilities, and customer-first approach. This means better value and quality for customers.

Plastic extrusion benefits with Antecs

Extensive Experience and Expertise

Since 1980, Antecs has led the Australian market for plastic machinery. They offer deep knowledge in plastic extrusion. Their team of experts provides custom solutions for every client, ensuring the best outcomes.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Antecs uses the latest technology in their advanced facilities. Their machines can adjust in size and output. This is great for businesses of all sizes. They also have recycling presses that can handle many materials and improve recycled product quality.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Antecs uses the latest technology in their advanced facilities. Their machines can adjust in size and output. This is great for businesses of all sizes. They also have recycling presses that can handle many materials and improve recycled product quality.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Antecs puts customer happiness at the top of their list. They work closely with clients to understand their needs. This ensures they deliver solutions that go beyond expectations.

Choosing Antecs means choosing excellence in plastic extrusion. They offer unmatched experience, top-notch facilities, and a dedication to making customers happy. With Antecs, your projects get the attention and care they need to be a success.

Plastic Extrusion Applications and Industries Served

Plastic extrusion is a key process in many industries. Antecs works with the automotive, construction, packaging, and lighting sectors. We make extruded products that meet high standards for each industry.

In cars, plastic extrusion helps produce important parts. This includes trim, seals, and ducts. These add both looks and function to vehicles. Our tech lets us make strong, precise parts for cars.

The building world also uses plastic extrusion a lot. Profiles are made for windows, doors, and more. They’re tough and resist weather well. Antecs makes profiles that fit specific building designs and needs.

In packaging, plastic extrusion makes items like bottles and tubes. We make these with care for exact size and quality. We help create new, green packaging with our clients.

“Antecs’ expertise in plastic extrusion has been invaluable in helping us develop high-quality lighting components. Their ability to produce precise and consistent extruded parts has greatly contributed to the success of our products in the market.” – Sarah Johnson, Product Manager at Lumina Lighting

Lighting gets a boost from plastic extrusion too. We craft parts like housings and lenses for lighting. Our methods help make better lighting products.

Industry Common Extruded Products
Automotive Trim, seals, ducts, engine components, exterior moldings
Construction Window and door profiles, siding, fencing, decking, railings
Packaging Containers, bottles, tubes, caps, closures
Lighting Housings, lenses, diffusers, reflectors, heat sinks

At Antecs, we tailor to each industry’s needs. Our expert team works with clients for the best solutions. We offer help from design to production.

Our tech and skills at Antecs allow us to serve many industries well. We aim to boost our client’s success with smart solutions.

Collaborating with Antecs: From Design to Delivery

Working with Antecs on your plastic extrusion task means a smooth journey from idea to finish. They focus on design support and teamwork. Antecs pairs their skilled engineers with you to boost your product’s design and function.

Thanks to their deep know-how in plastic extrusion, they give tips and suggestions. These help to make your products easier to make and better.

Design and Engineering Support

Antecs knows a great design is key and offers full design support. Their expert engineers use high-tech software to craft detailed 3D models. This step lets you see and refine your product even before it’s made.

By working closely with Antecs’ design team, you improve your product’s overall quality. This includes how well it works, its durability, and how good it looks.

Prototyping and Testing

Antecs provides prototyping and testing to make sure your design is top-notch. They make physical models for you to check out how your products look, fit, and work.

At Antecs’ advanced testing lab, your products face thorough checks. This ensures their materials and performance meet high standards, helping you tweak and perfect your design.

Production and Quality Control

After your design is set, Antecs is set to start making your products. They’re all about quality control, making sure each product is top-notch. Regular checks ensure quality and consistency.

Antecs always prioritizes accuracy and detail, making sure your products are spot on and on time. From start to finish, they ensure open talks and a hassle-free relationship. Having Antecs by your side means you can be sure about your plastic products’ quality and reliability.

Antecs’ dedication to design, prototyping, and checking quality shines through, making them a front-runner in plastic extrusion.

Teaming up with Antecs means tapping into their vast experience, advanced tech, and a promise for your project’s success. They are dedicated to making sure you’re happy with every step of your plastic extrusion experience. This bodes well for the success of your project.

The Antecs Difference: Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Looking at plastic extrusion, Antecs is a standout. They focus on innovation and getting better all the time. Since 1980, they’ve become experts in making machines for recycling plastics and more. Their drive to use the latest tech makes them the top choice in Australia and globally.

Antecs stands out because they have modular machines that can grow with their customers. This means their machines can be made bigger or faster to fit what the customer needs. For instance, their recycling presses can get special upgrades. These upgrades let the presses remove gas from materials, showing off Antecs’ creativity and improvement skills.

Antecs is now known all over, in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Their LVSS Extruder plays a big role in recycling plastics and is famous for how well it works. Plus, their LSP series Plastream Machines are considered top-notch. These achievements show why Antecs is a leading name in their industry.

“At Antecs, we believe that innovation and continuous improvement are the keys to staying ahead in the plastic extrusion industry. Our team is constantly exploring new ideas and techniques to optimize our processes and deliver exceptional products to our clients.”

Antecs believes in investing in tech and making sure their team is up to date. Everyone there gets regular training. This means they can offer the best service and know-how to their clients. Antecs’ push for always getting better shows in their top-notch work.

Machine Application Capacity
SCP200/SCP300 Agglomerators Recycling in thermoplastic injection molding processes
Surematix 4675 Compaction of hard-wearing materials, recycling production waste Up to 80kg/h
Surematix 4808 Compaction of hard-wearing materials, recycling production waste Up to 150kg/h

Antecs stays at the top by always looking to create better solutions. They have the experience, the tech, and a client-first focus that puts them in the leading spot. Their work is pushing the plastic extrusion field forward and shaping its future.

Sustainable Practices in Plastic Extrusion

Antecs is dedicated to a smaller environmental impact and sustainable plastic extrusion. It chooses eco-friendly materials and works on waste reduction. By leading in these efforts, Antecs is shaping a greener future in manufacturing. It’s vital for Antecs to lower its carbon footprint and support clients’ sustainability aims with biodegradable and recycled plastics.

Eco-Friendly Material Options

Antecs gives choices like biodegradable and recycled plastics. These options help clients be more eco-friendly. They’re a better pick than regular plastics, which can hurt the environment. Antecs uses recycled waste to make its products. This cuts down on new plastic use and waste in landfills.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Initiatives

Antecs doesn’t stop at materials. It also focuses on lowering waste and recycling. The company is skilled in sorting and cleaning recycled materials. This ensures their quality in the making process. With a special ‘regrinding’ method, Antecs uses recycled materials like new. This way, they waste less and use resources better.

Antecs makes sure its team cares about the environment, too. It provides eco education and training for its employees. The aim is to get everyone thinking of new ways to be greener. This teamwork shows Antecs is serious about a sustainable future. Plus, it keeps offering top-notch plastic extrusion services.


What sets Antecs apart from other plastic extrusion providers?

Antecs leads the way with their years of experience, cutting-edge facilities, and a focus on quality and the customer. They have over 50 years of experience. This makes them experts in plastic extrusion. They offer unique and advanced solutions for each client.

What quality assurance certifications does Antecs hold?

Antecs is proud to hold the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This shows their dedication to making top-quality plastics. For nine years running, they have met all requirements without any issues. This proves their solid and reliable work in making custom plastic products over time.

What customization options does Antecs offer for plastic extrusion?

They give clients many options for custom plastic extrusion. This includes picking materials, sizes, shapes, and colors. Antecs has a team of skilled engineers who work closely with clients. This ensures customers get solutions that fit their unique needs. They can create shapes and sizes that each project requires.

What advanced quality assurance tools and techniques does Antecs employ?

Antecs uses statistical process control (SPC) to keep production in check. This method collects data at every step to spot any quality issues early. They employ non-contact laser micrometers and Admet eXpert 7601 for testing. These ensure their products are of the highest standard.

What industries does Antecs serve with their plastic extrusion services?

They have worked in many fields, like automotive, construction, packaging, and lighting. Antecs’ knowledge and capability allow them to meet the needs of each industry. They provide high-quality extruded products that meet all standards and requirements.

How does Antecs collaborate with clients throughout the plastic extrusion process?

Working with Antecs means starting from design and continuing up to delivery. Their team offers design, prototyping, and testing services. They keep communication open with clients constantly. This ensures projects run smoothly and meet expectations.

What sustainable practices does Antecs implement in their plastic extrusion processes?

Antecs is focused on reducing their environmental impact. They use eco-friendly materials and recycle where possible. By being sustainable, they show a deep commitment to the environment. They still offer top-notch plastic extrusion services.

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