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Understanding the benefits of Antecs Plastic Pipe Machine(plastic pipe extrusion machine)

Modern extruders are key machines in the field of plastics processing that utilize advanced technology and automated systems to heat, press and extrude plastic raw materials into various shapes.

Gigh Efficiency

Adopting advanced control system and automation technology improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost.


It can process various types of plastic raw materials and is suitable for the production of diversified plastic products.

Quality Control

The precise control system ensures consistent dimensions and quality of the product and reduces the rate of defective products.


Adoption of energy-saving design and environmentally friendly materials reduces energy consumption and waste generation and complies with environmental standards.


It can be customized to meet the specific production requirements of different industries.

Easy Operation

Modern extruders are often equipped with intuitive operator interfaces and easy-to-operate control systems that make operation less difficult.

20 years of experience in manufacturing plastic pipe machines

Jiantai has been at the forefront of plastic pipe extrusion technology since 2005, boasting over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-caliber PE, PVC, and PPR Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machines. Our longstanding expertise ensures that each machine is crafted with precision, incorporating cutting-edge technology to meet the dynamic needs of the pipe manufacturing industry. Dedicated to innovation and quality, Jiantai continuously evolves its practices to provide reliable and efficient solutions, making us a trusted partner in your manufacturing success.

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Machinery Highlights

The price is friendly, stable and reliable quality, the production of high-quality products, after-sales is more perfect, there will be professional engineers to deal with the installation of the installation guide package taught, is the first choice of entrepreneurs machine!

Mechanical capacity (min. output – max. output)

Minimum: 30kgs/h Maximum: 350 30kgs/h

Core Configuration Benefits

Our machine is a servo machine, digital display screen, Chinese and English display, because it is a servo machine, so it is 20% to 30% more energy-saving than the general machine, long service life, fewer problems

Customized Plastic Pipe Machine

We will customize our services to meet your exacting needs.

Plastic Pipe Machine

Related Questions about Plastic Pipe Machine

  1. Inconsistent Pipe Thickness

    • Problem: Variations in pipe wall thickness can occur due to uneven material feed or incorrect settings.
    • Solution: Regularly calibrate and maintain the extruder screw and die to ensure uniform material flow. Check and adjust the feed rates and cooling systems to maintain consistent pipe dimensions.
  2. Poor Surface Quality

    • Problem: Pipes may exhibit surface defects like roughness or discoloration, which are often caused by material contamination or improper temperature control.
    • Solution: Ensure the raw material is free of contaminants. Regularly clean the hopper, screw, and die. Monitor and adjust the temperature settings to suit the material being extruded.
  3. Clogging in the Die

    • Problem: The accumulation of material in the die can lead to clogs, affecting the quality and consistency of the pipe output.
    • Solution: Implement a routine cleaning schedule for the die. Consider using materials with better flow properties or modifying the die design to prevent accumulation.
  4. Excessive Material Waste

    • Problem: During startup or adjustments, excessive material waste can occur, leading to increased costs.
    • Solution: Optimize the startup and shut-down procedures to minimize waste. Use scrap reclamation systems to recycle waste material back into the production process.
  5. Mechanical Failures

    • Problem: Components like gears, bearings, or motors may fail, causing downtime and production delays.
    • Solution: Adhere to a strict maintenance schedule. Regularly inspect and replace worn-out parts to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Get a better Plastic Pipe Machines

With 19 years of experience in machinery manufacturing, we will customize machinery to fit your needs.

Comprehensive Guide to Plastic Pipe Machine

Optimizing the performance of a plastic pipe extrusion machine not only improves the quality of the pipes produced but also increases operational efficiency and reduces waste. This guide provides practical tips and strategies for enhancing the performance of your extrusion machinery.

1. Regular Maintenance and Calibration

  • Scheduled Maintenance: Implement a regular maintenance schedule to inspect and replace worn-out components like screws, dies, and heaters. This prevents unexpected breakdowns and ensures the machine operates at peak performance.
  • Calibration: Calibrate temperature controls and screw speeds regularly to ensure they are accurate. This helps in maintaining consistent material flow and quality.

2. Material Handling and Preparation

  • Quality of Raw Material: Always use high-quality resins that are free from contaminants. Good quality material reduces the risk of clogs and ensures a smoother surface finish.
  • Pre-drying Materials: Some materials, like PVC, need to be pre-dried to remove moisture that could cause defects in the final product. Ensure materials are adequately dried before extrusion.

3. Temperature Control Optimization

  • Zone Temperature Settings: Different materials require specific temperature settings along the extruder barrel. Experiment with these settings to find the optimal temperature profile for each type of material.
  • Heating and Cooling Systems: Maintain your heating and cooling systems to prevent any fluctuations that could affect the pipe quality.

4. Screw and Die Design

  • Screw Design: Choose a screw design that is tailored to the type of plastic and the specific properties needed in the final product. Consider the pitch and depth of the screw for better plastication and output rate.
  • Die Design: Use a die that is specifically designed for the type of pipe you are producing. Regularly inspect and clean the die to prevent defects and ensure a uniform thickness.

5. Speed Adjustments

  • Screw Speed: Adjust the screw speed to optimize the balance between high output and quality. Higher speeds might increase output but can affect the quality of the pipe.
  • Puller Speed: The speed of the puller should be synchronized with the extrusion speed to avoid stretching or compressing the pipe.

6. Use of Automation and Control Systems

  • Automation: Implement advanced control systems that can automatically adjust temperatures, speeds, and pressures based on real-time feedback.
  • Monitoring Systems: Use sensors and monitoring systems to continuously check the quality of the pipe. This allows for immediate adjustments to be made during the extrusion process.

7. Training and Skill Development

  • Operator Training: Regularly train operators on the latest extrusion techniques and machinery updates. Knowledgeable operators can better diagnose issues and optimize machine settings.
  • Continuous Learning: Encourage staff to stay updated with industry trends and technological advancements in plastic extrusion.


Enhancing the performance of your plastic pipe extrusion machine involves a combination of proper maintenance, material handling, technological upgrades, and skilled operation. By following these guidelines, you can ensure consistent product quality, reduce downtime, and increase your production efficiency.

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