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With 19 years of experience in machinery manufacturing, we will customize machinery to fit your needs. (We only accept machinery for the production of plastic products, such as plastic pellet recycling, plastic injection molding)


Antecs Team Machinery Type

Maybe you don't know exactly what we do, and what Antecs have been successful at.

Plastic Recycling Machine

Plastic Machinery

More examples of plastic machinery types, pipe, sheet, plastic pellet regeneration.

Plastic Products

Plastic products include materials used in various industries, such as plastic toys, etc.

Machinery Accessories

Machinery Accessories contains more information about tools and alternatives on plastic machinery.

Antecs Machinery

Will tell you exactly what mechanics Antecs do!

Our plastic machinery section will be customized around plastic machinery, we will customize pipe, sheet, plastic crushing, plastic recycling, and so on.

There is more to be learned about plastic fittings. Product abrasive drawing design, product abrasive production. Plastic machinery accessories for various applications and so on,

At the moment the company we have set up only runs these programs, but if you need something else we will start a new study!

More Articles On Plastics Machinery

Share articles about technical plastic machinery, if you have other challenges, you can send us an email and we will go through the blog to answer your questions!

Introduction to JianTai’s Plastic Pelletizing Machines

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