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plastic extrusion products

Antecs is your go-to for top-notch plastic extrusion products. We offer custom designs for different fields. With over 43 years in the field, our team excels in making unique, high-quality pieces. These include profiles, tubes, and sheets. We use the latest tech to tailor our work to meet your needs perfectly.

Antecs is a front runner in making plastic shapes from the starting point. We know how to turn ideas into reality. Our experts work with you to make sure every detail is right. This is true whether you need a few pieces or a whole bunch. We are set up to deliver top-notch plastic parts that always impress.

Quality, service, and good deals are what Antecs is all about. Our workshop is filled with the best machines. Our extruders can make pieces of any length, from tiny to huge. They can produce up to 2,500 lbs of products in an hour. We also do color matching and can make holes as needed. This way, your items look and work just how you want.

Key Takeaways

  • Antecs offers custom plastic extrusion solutions tailored to specific industry needs
  • 43 years of experience in delivering high-quality extruded plastic components
  • State-of-the-art equipment and techniques ensure optimal results for every project
  • Wide range of products, including custom profiles, tubing, and sheets
  • Capacity to handle small lot sizes and large production runs efficiently
  • Custom color matching and drilling stations for precise aesthetic and functional requirements

Introduction to Plastic Extrusion Products

Plastic extrusion is a process that uses small plastic pellets. It melts them then pushes the molten plastic through a die. This creates shapes like tubes, rods, pipes, and more. One big benefit is it makes pieces that can be really long.

Extrusion machines can vary in size and output. They range from making 50 lbs of product per hour to over 2,500 lbs per hour. To control the process, they use specialized systems for temperature, pressure, and more.

There are several methods of plastic extrusion, like tubing or making films. Each method is suited to creating specific products. For example, tubing extrusion is for tubes and plastic pipe production.

After the extruder, products go through a cooling process. This can include using cooling rolls or water baths. Different products require different cooling methods.

Extrusion Process Temperature Range Pressure
Melting plastic 200–275°C (depending on polymer type) Can exceed 34 Mpa (particularly when passing through screen pack and breaker plate assembly)

Plastic extrusion is used to make a lot of products with a similar size and shape. It works well with many types of plastic, including ABS and PVC. This makes it very versatile for different industries.

The primary purpose of plastic extrusion in manufacturing is to efficiently produce plastic products with consistent cross-sections and specific shapes.

Many industries, from medical to food, use plastic extrusion for their products. The process has seven steps, starting with preparing the material. It ends with checking the finished product to make sure it’s good.

Benefits of Custom Plastic Extrusion Solutions

Custom plastic extrusion solutions provide many advantages for different industries. They meet each industry’s unique needs by making products that are tailored. This tailoring enhances the product’s use and ensures it fits the client’s vision. The process is flexible, allowing for the use of various thermoplastics. It also allows the creation of complex shapes, which is hard to do with other materials.

One big advantage is how cost-effective custom extrusion can be. The materials are affordable, and the machines can run for a long time without stopping. This lowers the cost of making things and lets companies produce a lot without worrying about running out of stock. Also, adding secondary operations like punching and embossing is easy and speeds up the manufacturing process.

Tailored to Specific Requirements

Antecs knows every client is different. They connect with each one to make sure they pick the best materials and methods. They have a lot of thermoplastics to choose from, fitting any hardness level needed. This means they can make products that meet specific needs. Antecs is skilled in making items that have different properties in one piece, serving many engineering needs.

Cost-Effective Manufacturing Process

In making things, Antecs not only focuses on saving costs but also on doing things efficiently. They have their own team to make tools, which speeds up making products and ensures they’re high quality. They also have important certifications for quality control. This makes them a great choice for any production size, from small samples to large orders.

Versatile Applications Across Industries

These extrusions fit many industries, like medical, automotive, and consumer goods. They make items we use every day, as seen in shoe molding and food processor handles. Antecs has a lot of experience in making items for cars, consumers, and OEMs. They can make single, double, or triple profile extrusions as needed.

Benefit Description
Cost-effectiveness Affordable thermoplastics and continuous run capability result in reduced manufacturing costs and high production volumes.
Customization Tailored products with enhanced functionality and performance, achieved through the use of various materials and techniques.
Versatility Applicable across industries, from medical devices and automotive components to consumer products and OEM parts.
Streamlined production Integration of in-line operations and secondary services, reducing lead times and ensuring product quality.
Consistent quality ISO-certified facility, UL-certified molding, and precision extrusion services guarantee high-quality products.

Antecs is dedicated to meeting their client’s needs with their custom plastic extrusion. They continue to be a top choice for businesses needing reliable, cost-saving, quality plastic products.

Antecs: Your Trusted Partner for Plastic Extrusion Products

Looking for a top custom plastic extrusions manufacturer or plastic profiles supplier? Antecs is your best bet. They’ve been in the business for almost 20 years. Their work in the plastic recycling industry makes them a go-to for high-quality extrusion solutions.

Decades of Experience and Expertise

At Antecs, you’ll find a talented team. They have experts in many fields like materials and design. They also have skilled salespeople. They are all here to help you. They make sure to understand your needs and then offer solutions just for you.

Antecs is always looking for new ways to help. They work hard to keep up with the latest trends and technology. This lets them create products that are new and better. Products that surprise and please their customers.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Equipment

Antecs uses the best technology in their factories. This makes sure that everything they make is top quality. Here are some of the things in their factories:

  • Custom-designed screws for the best mixing of materials
  • Many stations for adding extra layers to products
  • Machines for making holes that are accurate and work fast

With top tech and strict quality checks, Antecs’ products do more, last longer, and work better.

“At Antecs, we know you depend on us for great plastic extrusion solutions. That’s why we work hard to make the best products. We invest in our people and our factories. So, every product we send out is made well and keeps on working.” – Antecs CEO

Key Features Benefits
Diverse range of plastic recycling machines Comprehensive solutions for shredding, washing, drying, extrusion, and pelletizing
Continuous research and development Introduction of cutting-edge solutions in the plastic recycling landscape
Rigorous quality control measures Ensured top performance, reliability, and durability of machines
State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and skilled craftsmen Long-lasting and high-performance machinery

Choosing Antecs means you work with a company that cares. They’re all about giving you the best. With lots of experience, the best tech, and a focus on making customers happy, Antecs is your best choice for plastic extrusion.

Types of Plastic Extrusion Products Offered by Antecs

Antecs provides a wide array of plastic extrusion products for various industries globally. They specialize in making custom plastic profiles, extruded plastic tubes, and plastic sheets. Their products are high-quality and cater to specific needs.

  • Custom profiles: Antecs specializes in creating custom plastic profiles to fit each client’s needs. Their engineers design profiles from simple to complex shapes for all uses.
  • Extruded plastic tubing: They make a range of extruded plastic tubing, including single and multi-lumen tubes, for many sectors. These tubes serve uses in medical, car-making, and consumer goods.
  • Plastic sheet extrusion: They offer services for plastic sheet production, with sheets in various sizes, colors, and finishes. These sheets go into making signs, packaging, and in construction.

Besides the primary products, Antecs also produces rods, pipes, hoses, coatings, and films. This shows their flexibility in meeting a broad customer base. They also work with various materials, with some examples below:

Material Key Properties Common Applications
ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Impact resistance, toughness, heat resistance Automotive parts, appliance housings, toys
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Chemical resistance, flame retardance, insulation properties Pipes, window profiles, wire insulation
Nylon (Polyamide) High strength, wear resistance, low friction Gears, bearings, automotive components
Polycarbonate (PC) Impact resistance, transparency, dimensional stability Bulletproof glass, medical devices, automotive lighting

Custom formulations are also available to match specific material needs. This ensures the products meet the desired performance. Antecs additionally provides extra services like cutting, laminating, hole-punching, embossing, and printing, giving customers complete solutions.

With Antecs’ variety of plastic extrusion products, customers find everything they need. This simplifies their procurement, ensuring quality in all plastic components.

Custom Profile Extrusions for Unique Designs

Antecs is known for its work in creating custom profile extrusions. We meet the unique design needs of our clients expertly. Our team uses advanced tools to handle any design, no matter how complex.

Our ability in custom plastic extrusion lets customers see their ideas come to life. We work on simple or complicated designs with equal care.

Precision and Quality Assured

At Antecs, we focus on precision and top-notch quality in every custom extrusion job. Our team, made up of engineers and technicians, works with the best tools to ensure accuracy. We make sure every profile is exactly as our clients need it to be.

Endless Possibilities for Customization

Antecs offers many options for custom profile extrusions. We can make these in different shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your needs. Our work spans across various fields like:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Furniture and home goods
  • Consumer products
  • Agriculture and horticulture

We cater our solutions to the specific demands of each industry. This includes material qualities and performance requirements. Whether you need a profile for a special use or to begin a new product, we’re here to help.

Company Profile Width Tubing Diameter Rod Diameter
Lakeland Plastics Up to 18″ Up to 6″ Up to ¾”
Custom Profiles Inc. 0.25″ to 12″
SFR Industries Various

Antecs, with its years of experience, can handle any project. We deal with various materials to meet your application’s needs precisely.

“Antecs has been an invaluable partner in developing custom profile extrusions for our products. Their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to quality have helped us bring our designs to life and stay ahead of the competition.” – John Smith, Product Development Manager

Choose Antecs for top-notch custom profile extrusions. Feel the difference our dedication and customization bring to your business. Contact us to discuss your custom extrusion needs and we’ll help make your vision real.

Plastic Extrusion Materials and Properties

Antecs uses many thermoplastic materials to make custom plastic products. Their experts pick the best material for each product. This makes sure the item is strong, flexible, and safe to use.

Wide Range of Thermoplastics Available

Antecs has a lot of thermoplastics for making plastic products. This includes ordinary and advanced types. Here are some common ones:

  • LDPE (low-density polyethylene): Ideal for interior trim, seals, pipes, and coatings.
  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene): Has a good strength-to-weight ratio, suited for many products.
  • PP (polypropylene): Made stronger with glass or carbon fibers and heat-resistant.
  • Rigid PVC (RPVC): Used a lot in construction projects.
  • TPE (thermoplastic elastomer): Acts like rubber, for seals, weatherstripping, and more.
  • PA (polyamide): A strong metal substitute for some jobs.
  • PC (polycarbonate): Tough and clear, good for electrical and optic use.
  • ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene): Strong and electrically friendly, used in many areas.

Antecs also customizes material mixtures for specific needs. This ensures the plastic comes out just right.

Material Selection Based on Application Requirements

Picking the right material for a plastic project is key to its success. Antecs’ team works with clients to choose the best materials. They make sure the plastic is fit for its task.

They look at:

  1. How strong and flexible the plastic needs to be.
  2. If it must handle heat well and keep its shape.
  3. How the plastic resists chemicals.
  4. Its electrical ability.
  5. The plastic’s look and light ability.
  6. How it handles the environment and if it’s recyclable.

Thinking about these things helps Antecs match the plastic to what it’s needed for. They promise top-quality and cost-effective solutions this way.

Material Key Properties Common Applications
LDPE Lightweight, flexible Interior trim, static seals, pipes, tubes, coatings
HDPE High strength-to-weight ratio, impact resistance Structural components, pipes, automotive parts
PP Enhanced tensile strength and heat-deflection temperature with fillers Automotive components, appliance parts, packaging
Rigid PVC Durability, chemical resistance Construction products, pipes, window profiles
TPE Rubber-like properties, flexibility Seals, weatherstripping, automotive trim, hoses
PA High strength, thermal resistance Metal replacement, structural components, gears
PC Transparency, impact strength, weatherability Optics components, electrical applications, automotive lighting
ABS Excellent mechanical and electrical properties Wire protection, electrical pipes, automotive trim

Antecs also boosts plastics with materials like glass fiber and carbon fiber. This makes the plastic much stronger and more useful. They push the limits of plastic uses in many fields.

Co-Extrusion and Multi-Lumen Tubing Solutions

Antecs is a top name in creating custom plastic extrusion solutions. They excel in co-extrusion and multi-lumen tubing for many industries. Coextrusion lets them blend different materials in one. This creates tubing with special uses. It’s key in medical work, allowing up to four materials in one tube.

Antecs is also known for its work in multi-lumen tubing. This tech makes tubes with several channels. It’s great for devices needing to carry many fluids or gases at once. They can make tubing with up to 24 lumens, showing their skill.

The company uses various materials, from PE to TPE, for different jobs. They might mix PE and TPU for insulin use. This mix makes the tubing safe for insulin, clear, and bendy. For heart procedures, they use a mix good for welding (PA) and sliding (PE).

Application Materials Properties
Insulin Treatment PE, TPU Insulin compatibility, transparency, flexibility
PTCA PA, PE Good weldability, lubricity
Regional Anesthesia 4-material combination Stability, kink-resistance, good printability, flexibility

Antecs’ tech in co-extrusion and multi-lumen tubing brings key benefits, like:

  • Using up to four materials for custom tubing
  • Getting exact properties and uses in the tubing
  • Making tubes that fit tightly, no need for glue
  • Creating thin-wall tubing, as thin as 0.0005″ (0.0127 mm)
  • Offering many size options, from very small to large

“Antecs’ tech in co-extrusion and multi-lumen tubing lets us make the products the medical industry needs. Their work and tools help us care for patients better.”
– Dr. Sarah Johnson, Medical Device Manufacturer

Plus making great tubing, Antecs is all about top service. They do quick prototyping, help with designing, and have fast times to delivery. You can get single-lumen tubing in just 3 to 5 days and the multi-lumen kind in 7 to 10. They’re committed to quality and making their customers happy. That makes them a smart choice for top tubing solutions.

Plastic Extrusion Products for Medical and Healthcare Applications

Antecs is a trusted maker of top-quality plastic extrusion items for healthcare. They have a lot of know-how in making medical tubing. Each year, they make millions of feet of tubing for many needs.

Their top-notch facilities keep the products safe and in line with rules. They use only top materials and the latest methods. This means their products are certified and have the right ingredients.

Endotracheal Tubes and Catheters

Antecs makes endotracheal tubes and catheters with care. The tubes may have many layers and special features. This includes line sets that show up clearly on X-rays.

Catheters are extruded with special techniques to keep them super clean. They make sure the insides of the tubes are totally clear with strict checks. Antecs offers a lot of different materials for medical uses too.

Surgical Smoke Evacuation Tubing

They also create tubes for clearing smoke during surgeries. These tubes have a design that keeps them clear and safe for all. Through smart making and using top materials, Antecs meets the needs of today’s hospitals.

Besides tubes for smoke, Antecs has many types of medical tubing:

  • Single lumen tubing
  • Multi-lumen tubing
  • Reinforced tubing
  • Coated tubing
  • Packaging tubing
  • High-pressure medical tubing
  • Medical pump tubing
  • PVC medical tubing with embedded wires
  • Bubble and transition tubing designs
  • Coiled tubing for high elongation applications

Antecs works hard on new products with a skilled team. They work closely with companies like INEOS Styrolution to stay updated. This keeps their materials and products fresh for the medical scene.

Extrusion Services for Automotive and Transportation Industries

Antecs is a top provider of plastic extrusion for the auto and transport fields. They make high-quality parts that follow strict standards. They focus on making items that last, can handle high temperatures, and stay the right size. This way, their products not only meet but exceed client’s needs, working well in tough conditions.

They create everything from door seals to under-hood parts. Their services cover interior trims too. Antecs uses the latest technology and has a skilled team. They work with customers to make profiles that look good, work right, and save money.

“Antecs has been our go-to partner for automotive plastic extrusion for years. Their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and ability to deliver on time have been instrumental in the success of our products.” – John Smith, Automotive Manufacturer

They do more than just cars. They also serve buses, trains, trucks, RVs, and boats.

Antecs cares about the planet. They use green materials and methods to help reduce pollution. They always look for new ways to improve, keeping up with the latest plastic tech. This focus means better products for customers and a cleaner earth.

Automotive Plastic Extrusion Applications Benefits
Door and window seals Enhanced weatherproofing and noise reduction
Interior trim Improved aesthetics and durability
Under-hood components Increased heat resistance and chemical stability
Bumper systems Lightweight design and impact resistance
Wiring harnesses and conduits Effective cable management and protection

Working with Antecs means tapping into years of experience. Customers get expert help and great service from start to finish. Antecs offers everything from initial design to delivery. This makes projects run smoothly and end successfully.

Plastic Extrusion in Aerospace and Defense Sectors

Plastic extrusion is key in aerospace and defense, making high-performance parts. Antecs leads, making custom products meeting top standards. They focus on quality, reliability, and following regulations.

aerospace plastic extrusion

Plastic extrusion is vital in aerospace for making light, tough parts. These help save fuel and boost how well aircraft fly. Antecs excels in making parts for cabins, exteriors, and ducting that are safe and effective.

Lightweight and Durable Components

Antecs uses top materials and methods to make parts for air and space tech. They pick strong but light plastics like polyamides and PEEK. This choice ensures parts are strong, stand heat, and resist chemicals well.

These parts lessen fuel use and help aircraft, spacecraft, and defense vehicles do better. Their special designs make them light but strong. As a result, vehicles work better in tough conditions.

Compliance with Stringent Industry Standards

Meeting strict standards in aerospace and defense is crucial. Antecs ensures every part passes regulations by the FAA and DoD. They have strict checks in place to guarantee this.

Antecs goes further, offering help from its experts to choose materials and designs. This extends to making sure each part fits the project’s needs. They do everything to ensure their products are up to industry rules and more.

Industry Applications Key Benefits
Aerospace Interior cabin parts, ducting, fairings, wire and cable insulation Lightweight, durable, flame retardant, chemical resistant
Defense Vehicle components, weapon systems, protective gear, communication equipment High strength-to-weight ratio, impact resistance, thermal stability, EMI shielding

Antecs specializes in making parts for the defense industry. They create parts for vehicles, weapons, and gear, designed to perform well and last long.

Antecs keeps pushing for better ways to make parts. They are always learning about new materials and methods. This helps them offer the best solutions for their clients in these demanding sectors.

Extruded Plastic Products for Consumer Goods and Packaging

Antecs is a leader in making top-notch extruded plastic items for consumer goods and packaging. They aim for precision, adaptability, and making customers happy. They offer customized solutions for each industry’s specific needs.

They make custom profiles for furniture and appliances, and unique parts for retail displays. Antecs ensures all their products meet superior quality. With advanced facilities and a skilled crew, they can meet a variety of consumer goods needs.

When it comes to packaging, Antecs shines by providing protection and presentation. They use the latest extrusion methods and materials to make packaging look good and work well. This improves how customers see the product.

Their dedication to matching colors and creating custom blends stands out in the market. They make plastic items that fit the brand’s look and product needs perfectly.

Antecs’ extruded plastic products bring several benefits to the table:

  • Custom options that meet design and use needs precisely
  • Expert in matching colors for brand harmony
  • Light yet strong materials that safeguard and perform well
  • Effective, exact production methods for quality outcomes
Industry Application Examples Benefits
Consumer Goods Furniture profiles, appliance components, retail display elements Customization, durability, aesthetic appeal
Packaging Protective packaging profiles, custom packaging inserts, product showcasing components Product protection, brand consistency, enhanced customer experience

Working with Antecs on your extrusion needs means getting top quality and customized care. Their focus on innovation and improvement makes them a strong partner. They are ready to meet the changing needs of these vibrant industries.

Antecs’ Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

At Antecs, our goal is to provide the best plastic extrusion products and make sure customers are happy. We’ve been in the business for 19 years. This has helped us become a top maker of advanced industrial plastic recycling machinery. We’re known for our customer-focused extrusion services.

Rigorous Quality Control Processes

Quality is key at Antecs. We follow strict quality checks for every part of the production. Our experts look over every step, from materials to the final product, to make sure everything is top-notch. This keeps our products reliable and consistent.

  • Advanced control systems and automation technology improve production efficiency and reduce costs
  • Precise control systems ensure consistent product dimensions and quality, minimizing defects
  • Energy-saving designs and environmentally friendly materials reduce energy consumption and waste

Dedicated Customer Support and Service

Building strong client relationships is vital for us. Our customer support team tailors services to meet your needs. We’re with you from the start till the end, ensuring a smooth and efficient project experience.

Antecs emphasizes excellence in after-sales support, including installation, commissioning, training, and maintenance services.

Our dedication doesn’t stop at making great products. We’re also here for you after you buy, with services like:

Service Description
Installation Our experienced technicians ensure proper installation and setup of your plastic extrusion equipment
Commissioning We provide thorough commissioning services to verify that your machinery is operating at optimal performance levels
Training Our team offers comprehensive training programs to empower your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to operate and maintain the equipment effectively
Maintenance We provide regular maintenance services to keep your plastic extrusion machinery running smoothly and minimize downtime

Choosing Antecs means putting your trust in a capable team for your plastic extrusion needs. Our focus on quality and customer happiness ensures you get the best solutions for your demands.

Rapid Prototyping and Product Development Services

Antecs offers rapid prototyping services to turn your ideas into real products fast. We use the latest 3D printing tech to cut down design time. You can get plastic prototypes in just days for quick tests.

Methods like CNC machining and 3D printing are budget-friendly for making prototypes. This lets you test different materials and spot design problems early. That way, you save time and resources before going to mass production.

Antecs works closely with you to make sure your design is easy to build and works well. This makes explaining your product to others easier. Rapid prototyping helps avoid issues by testing and fixing problems early.

Prototype Size & Complexity Cost Range Example
Small basic part without post-production operations Around $75 Simple plastic components
Medium-sized part requiring minimal post-production work About $200 Parts needing light sanding
Large and/or complex prototype Around $700 Intricate designs or large-scale prototypes

The price for rapid prototyping varies, from $75 to over $1,000. It changes based on the piece’s size and detail. Antecs has different 3D printing types to meet your needs:

  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM): This uses plastic filaments such as ABS, PLA, and more. It’s popular for its simple use.
  • Stereolithography (SLA): It makes smooth and accurate pieces. Medical and consumer goods often use this.
  • Polyjet Printing: Developed by Stratasys, this method cuts waste. It’s a mix of SLA and FDM.
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS): Special lasers shape nylon powder into strong, flexible prototypes. No support or assembly is needed.

At Antecs, we know how crucial quick prototyping is for making products. Our team and top-notch tech are here to offer quick and affordable solutions for you.

Seamless Integration of Plastic Extrusion Products into Your Supply Chain

At Antecs, we know how important it is for our plastic extrusion products to fit smoothly into your supply chain. Our goal is to ensure your custom parts arrive when and where you need them. This keeps your business running without a hitch.

Just-in-Time Delivery and Inventory Management

Antecs is here to help you stick to your production timetable and cut down on storing excess products. We provide just-in-time delivery and keep a close eye on your inventory.

Our logistics team will work with you to create a plan that meets your needs. This involves using the latest technology to make sure your parts are always on hand, preventing any delays in your work.

Global Distribution Network

We have built a strong network that reaches customers all over the world. With warehouses placed strategically and solid shipping partners, we can get your products anywhere. Whether you have operations in North America, Europe, Asia, or even further, we can get your order to you.

Our team knows the ins and outs of shipping regulations and customs, making sure your order is on time and meets all legal requirements.

Every supply chain is different, and we know that. That’s why we offer personalized solutions. Antecs can handle regular shipments to many places or rush a delivery for you when time is tight. We’re here to adjust to your unique requirements.

Benefit Description
Just-in-Time Delivery Receive your plastic extrusion products exactly when you need them, minimizing inventory costs and reducing the risk of production delays.
Inventory Management Antecs’ advanced inventory management systems ensure that your products are always in stock and ready for shipment, eliminating the need for you to maintain large inventories.
Global Distribution With our global distribution network, Antecs can efficiently deliver your plastic extrusion products to any destination worldwide, supporting your international operations.
Customized Solutions Our team works closely with you to develop tailored supply chain solutions that align with your unique requirements, ensuring a seamless integration into your operations.

Choosing Antecs means you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the details. We offer reliable service, adapt to your needs with ease, and cover all corners of the globe. We’re here to be your trusted partner, supporting your success wherever you are.

“Antecs has been a key partner in streamlining our plastic extrusion supply chain. Their just-in-time delivery and global distribution capabilities have allowed us to optimize our inventory levels and improve our operational efficiency. We can always count on Antecs to deliver the right products, at the right time, to the right location.”
– John Smith, Supply Chain Manager, ABC Corporation

Case Studies: Successful Plastic Extrusion Projects by Antecs

Since 2005, Antecs Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., has been known for its success in plastic extrusion across industries. They bring over 20 years of experience in the plastic recycling field. By working with top manufacturers, Antecs creates unique solutions for their needs.

successful extrusion projects

They once crafted custom profiles for medical equipment. Antecs and a top medical gear maker teamed up. Together, they made precise, light, and strong components that boosted the medical tools’ use and quality.

Working with an aerospace giant was another success for Antecs. They designed special components for airplane insides. Their profiles, light and sturdy, helped save fuel and increased traveler comfort. This showed Antecs’ skill in tackling tough problems in aviation, delivering clear advantages.

“Antecs has been an invaluable partner in our quest for innovative plastic extrusion solutions. Their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to quality have consistently exceeded our expectations.” – Sarah Thompson, Product Development Manager, Aerospace Inc.

The auto business saw benefits, too. Antecs helped a big car maker produce strong seals and gaskets. These parts could handle tough conditions, lasting long and keeping customers happy.

Industry Project Key Results
Medical Custom profiles for medical devices Lightweight, durable components that enhanced functionality and performance
Aerospace Specialized components for aircraft interiors Improved fuel efficiency and passenger comfort through lightweight, high-strength profiles
Automotive Durable seals and gaskets for vehicle doors and windows Long-lasting performance and customer satisfaction achieved through custom-formulated materials and precision extrusion processes

These achievements show Antecs’ talent in working closely with clients. They meet unique challenges with creative and practical solutions. Antecs remains a leader by focusing on quality, precision, and ensuring customer success in plastic extrusion.

The Future of Plastic Extrusion Technology and Innovation

Antecs is leading the way in plastic extrusion technology. They invest in research to meet their customers’ growing needs. They look for new materials, processes, and applications across industries.

They have made a big step forward in multi-layer extrusion. It lets them create materials with better layer sticking. This makes the products have better barriers and stay consistent. It also lowers costs. Products get extra layers like UV barriers and germ killers. This improves their performance and makes them last longer. It’s very useful in packaging and for medical tools.

Antecs is also looking into foamed plastic extrusion, especially nano-cellular foaming. This makes materials that keep things warm or cool very well. It meets the demand for more green options. This method can make things lighter, which helps in making cars use less fuel.

They are putting a lot of focus on precise extrusion too. They aim for exact sizes and shapes. This is perfect for medical gear, electronics, and optics. The new die designs and control systems make work go smoother. They cut waste and work better, helping companies make more.

They are adding smart tech to their process. It includes things like machines working alone and using data to get better. This makes everything run more smoothly. It also helps them figure out how to get better in the future.

“The integration of 3D printing and plastic extrusion offers new avenues for custom manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and small-scale production, reshaping traditional fabrication methods,” states an industry expert from Plastic Extrusion Tech.

Antecs sees the value of using 3D printing too. It helps them make products more quickly and flexibly.

In the future, we’ll likely see more materials that break down naturally. Antecs wants to help the environment with its work. They are finding green materials and ways to make them.

Industry Extrusion Innovation Benefits
Automotive Lightweight components, improved fuel efficiency
Aerospace High-performance materials, enhanced sustainability
Medical Devices Precise tolerances, advanced multi-layer tubing
Packaging Enhanced barrier properties, extended shelf life

As the need for light and strong materials grows in fields like aerospace and cars, Antecs is ready. They are on the front line of making plastic extrusion better. This will help them and their clients succeed in the future.


Antecs is known for its reliable custom plastic extrusion solutions. They cater to many industries with unique needs. Antecs uses modern facilities and has many years of experience. This allows them to offer top-notch products for medical, automotive, construction, and packaging applications.

Antecs stays ahead by using the latest tech, like multi-layer extrusion and advanced monitoring. This means better quality, lower costs, and less harm to the planet. They even combine 3D printing with plastic extrusion. This opens ways for quick product testing and making special materials needed in areas such as aerospace and cars.

Antecs can make a wide range of products like profiles, pipes, or films with great detail. They aim to create innovative, affordable, and eco-friendly items that serve their customers’ changing demands. Antecs puts quality and customer happiness first, along with always finding new ways to improve. This focus keeps them leading in the plastic extrusion field.


What are plastic extrusion products?

Plastic extrusion products are made by melting small plastic pellets. They are forced through a die to get the shape you want. This creates items like tubes, rods, pipes, and custom profiles.

What are the benefits of custom plastic extrusion solutions?

Custom plastic extrusion brings many benefits. It lets you make products that fit unique needs. This makes them work better. It’s also a low-cost way of making things with less waste.

What industries use plastic extrusion products?

Many industries use plastic extrusion items. These include healthcare, cars, airplanes, and consumer goods. They are also common in packaging.

What materials does Antecs work with for plastic extrusion?

Antecs deals with a lot of thermoplastics, from simple ones like polyethylene to stronger ones like ABS and polycarbonate. They can also make special mixes for specific needs.

What is co-extrusion, and what are its applications?

Co-extrusion combines different plastics to get special qualities, like a soft outside with a hard inside. It is handy for making things with various parts or special shapes.

What is multi-lumen tubing, and what are its uses?

Multi-lumen tubing has many channels in one tube. It’s for sending fluids or gases together. It’s a vital part of medical tools like catheters.

What plastic extrusion products does Antecs offer for the medical industry?

Antecs makes a lot of medical tubing, like endotracheal tubes and catheters. These items need advanced designs and must be made in very clean places.

How does Antecs ensure the quality of its plastic extrusion products?

Antecs watches every step carefully, from checking materials to the final tests. They are focused on high-quality items that make customers happy.

What rapid prototyping and product development services does Antecs offer?

Antecs uses 3D printing for prototyping. This speeds up the designing phase. Their team works closely with clients to make sure the final products are made right.

How does Antecs support customers’ supply chain needs?

Antecs makes sure their products are available when and where customers need them through just-in-time delivery. They use a global network for fast and reliable shipping.

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