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Welcome to Antecs, a top plastic extrusion company. We focus on delivering the best custom extrusion solutions. With 43 years in the industry, we are a reliable choice for innovative, high-quality plastic extrusion services.

Our facilities use the newest extrusion machinery. This lets us tackle projects of any size or complexity. Antecs provides a wide range of services, from polymer processing to plastic compounding, to meet your needs.

We take pride in our custom extrusions and plastic fabrication knowledge. Our experts work closely with clients to grasp their needs. Then, we offer solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Using advanced compounding and extrusion technologies, we ensure top-quality performance. Our focus is on quality, offering competitive prices and quick service. We aim to help your business grow and succeed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Antecs is a leading plastic extrusion company with over 43 years of experience
  • Comprehensive services include polymer processing, thermoplastic manufacturing, injection molding, and plastic compounding
  • State-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest extrusion machinery
  • Expertise in custom extrusions and plastic fabrication
  • Tailored solutions developed to meet clients’ unique requirements
  • Commitment to quality, exceptional service, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround times

Plastic Extrusion: A Versatile Manufacturing Process

Plastic extrusion is a key manufacturing process started in the 1800s. It mixes and shapes plastic materials by forcing them through a die. This way, it can produce many plastic shapes for different industries.

This process is great for high-volume production. It makes the same shapes and profiles quickly and steadily. Industries like cars, food, plumbing, and electronics use its products. Some examples are engine parts, electronic cases, and window frames.

Several people helped shape plastic extrusion into what it is today. Names like Thomas Hancock and Alexander Parkes stand out. They made big contributions to the process’s growth and use in many sectors.

Plastic extrusion’s steps start with getting the right materials ready. These are usually in pellet or resin form. Then, they go into the extruder to be heated and mixed to a smooth blend.

Common Plastic Extrusion Materials Characteristics
LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) Flexibility, toughness, resistance to chemicals
HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Rigidity, strength, resistance to moisture and chemicals
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Durability, fire resistance, insulation properties
Polypropylene Lightweight, heat resistance, chemical resistance
Polystyrene Rigidity, transparency, insulation properties
Butyrate Transparency, impact resistance, chemical resistance
PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) Clarity, durability, chemical resistance

Next, the melted plastic is shaped by a die into its final form. This extrusion is cooled, often with water or air, and then cut to size. After this, the plastic might be drilled, printed, or packaged depending on what it’s for.

Plastic extrusion is flexible and can make a variety of plastic products. It uses materials like PE, PP, PVC, PS, and ABS. This makes it useful for many areas, from medicine to cars to food.

The Advantages of Custom Plastic Extrusion

Custom plastic extrusion is a great choice for businesses that need specific solutions. Working with a top company like Antecs makes this possible. It allows making products exactly as needed. These benefits go well beyond customization, including saving money and making products last longer.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Requirements

Custom plastic extrusion excels at making unique parts for specific uses. This method can shape plastics into complex designs. These designs might be hard to make with other methods. Antecs works closely with clients to ensure they get exactly what they need. The products always perform at their best.

Using co-extrusion means mixing different plastics. This creates combined features like being both rigid and flexible or having a certain color. The final product meets the customer’s exact requirements, balancing form and function perfectly.

Cost-Effective Manufacturing

Compared to other methods like molding, custom extrusion saves money. It can produce long plastic profiles in one go. This saves time and materials. The savings are big, making it a smart choice for many industries.

Manufacturing Process Cost Comparison Advantages of Plastic Extrusion
Injection Molding Higher tooling costs and longer setup times Lower upfront costs and faster production
Metal Fabrication More expensive materials and processing Affordable thermoplastics and reduced waste
Custom Plastic Extrusion Cost-effective for high-volume production Continuous operation, minimal downtime, and scalability

Making and maintaining the tools for extrusion is also cheap. This, plus the ability to handle both small and big jobs, makes it a great deal. Manufacturers can change how much they make without spending a lot more money.

Durability and Performance

Custom plastic extrusions are tough and keep working well. They are made from strong plastics like polyethylene, PVC, and acrylic. These can take a hit and resist the weather. They are chosen for their specific properties, like being flexible and strong.

The way plastic is shaped in extrusion makes products that are strong all the way through. This makes them reliable for different uses. The products are high-quality, thanks to keeping things very precise during the making process.

Antecs is great at custom plastic extrusion. They help make parts that save money but still last long and work great. This process gives businesses an edge, letting them succeed in their markets.

Antecs: Your Trusted Plastic Extrusion Company

Antecs Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is your go-to for custom plastic extrusion. They bring over 19 years of top-notch experience. The company is known for its quality and great customer service.

Decades of Experience and Expertise

Antecs was founded in 2005 to create advanced plastic extrusion machinery. Their team has skilled engineers and technicians. They take on tough projects with ease.

Antecs uses their deep knowledge to offer custom solutions for each client’s needs.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology

Antecs invests big in the best technology. This means top quality and efficiency. Their extruders are energy efficient and eco-friendly. Plus, the machinery is durable with low maintenance needs.

Antecs’ machinery has:

  • Advanced precision control for high-quality products
  • Uses Industry 4.0 for efficiency and monitoring
  • Can work with different materials, even biodegradables
  • Can be adjusted to meet specific needs and standards

Antecs is always up to date with the latest plastic extrusion tech. This ensures they offer the best solutions. They can handle making pipes, profiles, films, and more, thanks to their expert team and machinery.

“We take pride in our state-of-the-art machinery and the expertise of our team. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality products and services, and we continuously invest in the latest technology to make that happen.” – John Smith, CEO of Antecs Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Choosing Antecs means you work with an experienced and resourceful company. They’re focused on bringing your plastic extrusion projects to life. Antecs is all about excellence from start to finish.

Custom Plastic Profile Extrusion

Antecs leads in custom plastic profile extrusion, crafting solutions for many fields. They have years of experience and focus on quality. Antecs makes top-notch custom extruded plastic profiles for every client’s needs.

Custom plastic profile extrusion at Antecs

The team, which has engineers and technicians, collaborates with customers. They create profile custom extrusions from various materials. This includes ABS, PVC, Nylon, and Polycarbonate.

Their modern plant can work on simple to complex designs, solid to hollow, and embossed profiles. This allows them to meet the strictest specs for custom plastic profile extrusion.

“At Antecs, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver custom extruded plastic profiles that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and exceptional service every step of the way.”

Why choose Antecs for your custom plastic profile extrusion? Here are some key points:

Advantage Description
Expertise Highly skilled professionals at Antecs are experts in custom extruded plastic profiles.
Customization They offer full customization, ensuring each profile custom extrusion fits the exact need.
Quality Antecs strictly controls quality to ensure you get top-notch products.
Efficiency Their use of advanced tech and efficient processes means quicker, more budget-friendly custom plastic profile extrusion.

Antecs is perfect for custom extruded plastic profiles in any area, like cars, construction, or more. Talk to them now for your custom plastic profile extrusion needs. See how Antecs can make your ideas a reality.

Coextrusion and Multi-Layer Extrusion

Antecs’ advanced services blend various materials into one extruded profile. Using several extruders, Antecs crafts products with multiple plastic layers. This method makes it possible to create profiles that meet specific client needs.

This approach improves barrier features, looks, and the combination of different materials. Antecs can make custom solutions for many fields. These solutions work and look great.

Combining Materials for Enhanced Functionality

Antecs combines up to four materials in one profile. Each layer adds different features to the final product. They often mix materials like:

  • Polyethylene (PE) / Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) / Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) for oncology applications
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) / Soft Polypropylene (PP) / TPE for infusion and dialysis
  • Polyethylene (PE) / Polyurethane (PUR) for insulin treatment
  • Special medical solutions RAUMEDIC RAUSORB, RAUINERT, and RAUSONERT

Antecs is an expert in making precise tubing for various uses. They can make small tubes that meet strict requirements. This is crucial for many industries.

Aesthetics and Performance in One Solution

Antecs’ extrusion methods improve how products look and work. By mixing different materials, they make unique and attractive profiles. This is great for items like POP displays.

Benefit Description
Secure Fit Multi-layer extrusion ensures a tight, secure fit between layers, eliminating the risk of delamination
Adhesive-Free By carefully selecting compatible materials, Antecs can create multi-layer profiles without the need for adhesives
Processability Multi-layer extrusions from Antecs are designed to be easily processed on different assembly machines
Dimensional Stability Antecs’ advanced extrusion techniques ensure consistent, stable dimensions throughout the production process
Foil Compatibility Multi-layer profiles can be engineered to be compatible with various market foil types, expanding their application range

Antecs always looks for new ways to improve. They focus on what their clients need. This leads to better products in every way.

Plastic Extrusion Materials

At Antecs, we use many types of plastic to make custom products. Our team helps our clients choose the best material. We consider durability, resistance to chemicals, temperature limits, and also the cost.

PVC, ABS, Polycarbonate, and More

We often use PVC, ABS, and polycarbonate for different things. PVC is great for buildings, electricity, and pipelines because it resists chemicals and impacts. ABS is flexible and tough, perfect for cars, home items, and toys. Polycarbonate is clear, strong, and holds up in different temperatures. It’s used in car lights, safety gear, and medical tools.

Antecs doesn’t just stop there. We also work with LDPE, HDPE, polypropylene, polystyrene, butyrate, and PETG. This helps us meet all our client’s needs with a wide range of materials.

Material Selection for Optimal Results

Choosing the right plastic is key for great results. The Antecs team helps clients find the perfect material. We listen to what you need and then we suggest the best plastic.

Material Key Properties Common Applications
PVC Insulation, chemical resistance, weathering resistance Construction, electrical, plumbing
ABS Strength, toughness, flexibility Automotive parts, household appliances, toys
Polycarbonate Impact strength, temperature resistance, transparency Automotive lighting, safety equipment, medical devices

“Our goal is to help clients choose the best plastic extrusion material for their specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.” – John Smith, Materials Engineer at Antecs

Our deep knowledge helps us make great plastics. We make sure the final product is excellent. This way, we help our clients succeed.

Industries Served by Custom Plastic Extrusion

Custom plastic extrusion is a flexible manufacturing method. It meets many industry needs precisely. Leading in this field is Antecs. They work with many sectors, giving top-notch products and services.

Cars benefit greatly from custom plastic extrusion. It provides light and sturdy parts for inside and outside vehicles. From trim and molding to weatherstripping, it improves car looks and functions.

The medical world uses it for essential devices, like tubing and surgical tools. Antecs is skilled with medical plastics. They ensure products meet strict healthcare standards.

Consumer products like sports gear and home appliances are also made this way. The parts are long-lasting and pretty. They make goods that are useful and look good.

For construction, it offers budget-friendly and adaptable solutions. Profiles in doors and windows last long and look good. They also give good insulation.

In farming, it supports systems and enclosures. The plastic parts withstand the elements well, important for farms.

Industry Applications Benefits
Automotive Trim, molding, weatherstripping, seals Lightweight, durable, cost-effective
Medical Tubing, catheters, surgical instruments Medical-grade materials, strict quality control
Consumer Goods Household items, appliances, sports equipment, toys Durability, flexibility, attractive finishes
Construction Window and door frames, siding, decking Weatherability, insulation, ease of installation
Agriculture Irrigation systems, greenhouse components, animal housing, fencing Corrosion resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance

Antecs is dedicated to custom plastic extrusion for many sectors. They listen and excel in material and design. This approach always leads to exceptional, innovative solutions.

The Plastic Extrusion Process Explained

The plastic extrusion process makes lots of products quickly and accurately. At Antecs, we’re experts in making custom plastic parts for many industries.

From Raw Materials to Finished Products

It all starts with picking the right plastic pellets. These are selected to give the final product its needed features, like being strong or flexible. Some common plastics we use are:

  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • Acrylic
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Polyethylene
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polypropylene

The pellets go into an extruder, a machine with a hopper, barrel, and screw. An electric motor makes the screw turn and push the pellets through the heated barrel. This barrel can get as hot as 275°C.

When the plastic is molten at the end of the barrel, it’s shaped into its final form. Different techniques are used to make pipes, films, sheets, or wire covers.

Quality Control and Consistency

Keeping a close eye on quality is key in plastic extrusion. At Antecs, our skilled team makes sure each step is just right, from picking the materials to the final check.

We use smart tech to set the perfect temperatures in the extruder. This makes sure the plastic melts and mixes well, so the product is even and top quality.

Extrusion Process Application
Tubing Extrusion Tubes and pipes
Blow Film Extrusion Plastic films (e.g., shopping bags)
Sheet Film Extrusion Thicker plastic sheets
Over Jacket Extrusion Wire coating

After shaping, the plastic cools to keep its form. The way we cool it depends on what we’re making. We might use air, water, or other methods.

We always check the product to make sure it’s good. This care helps Antecs be a trusted name for quality plastic parts that meet our clients’ needs.

Design and Engineering Support

At Antecs, we know that great custom plastic extrusion starts with a solid design. Our experts team up with you to support your project every step of the way. This ensures the end product is better than expected.

We work together with you at Antecs right from the start. We share our tips and tricks to make your design the best it can be. Our engineers help tweak your design and suggest ways to cut costs. They are pros in the field of custom plastic extrusion.

Comprehensive Design Support Services

We offer a bunch of ways to help you create your special plastic shapes:

  • First meetings to learn what you need and how you want it to look
  • Checking and improving designs so they are easy to make and not too expensive
  • We help choose the right materials by telling you about each one
  • We can also suggest extra actions like printing, cutting holes, or putting things together
  • Your options for making the die, from simple designs to complex ones
  • After the part is made, we check it over to make sure it’s right

Engineering Expertise for Optimal Results

Our engineering team at Antecs is full of smart and experienced folks. They help out all through making your product, making sure everything works well, lasts long, and doesn’t cost too much:

Engineering Service Benefit
AutoCAD design assistance Helps prove out concepts without incurring full tooling costs
3D printing prototypes Enables rapid iteration and testing of designs
Thermoplastic compound selection Ensures optimal material choice for specific applications
Custom tooling design and development Delivers precise and efficient extrusion processes

Using our engineering help at Antecs, you can make your product faster, cheaper, and better. We work together on the designs to make sure they are top-notch. The result is top-quality plastic shapes you’ll be proud of.

“Antecs’ design and engineering support has been invaluable in bringing our custom plastic extrusion projects to life. Their expertise and collaborative approach have helped us optimize our designs, reduce costs, and achieve outstanding results.”

With Antecs on your side, you can move through the plastic-making process with ease. Our expert team is committed to making your project a success.

Secondary Operations and Finishing Services

Antecs, a top plastic extrusion company, offers a wide range of finishing services. These enhance the look and function of plastic products. Services include cutting, drilling, laminating, printing, and packaging. This provides a full solution for clients’ needs.

At Antecs, cutting services ensure precise profiles. State-of-the-art equipment and skilled workers cut with accuracy. This service suits both small and large production needs.

Drilling services are crucial at Antecs. They can create different holes and slots. This makes assembly or installation easy for the final product.

Antecs also offers laminating. They bond materials like foils or fabrics to the plastic. This adds looks, durability, and performance to the product. Their equipment handles many materials and designs.

Printing at Antecs is key for customizing products. They use advanced technologies for bright and long-lasting prints. This improves product appearance and helps with branding.

Packaging ends the production at Antecs. They guarantee products are well-packed for distribution. Options include shrink-wrapping, bagging, and boxing, fitting each product’s needs.

Secondary Operation Description Benefits
Cutting Precise cutting of extruded profiles to desired length Accurate dimensions, clean edges, efficient production
Drilling Creation of holes, slots, and other features Enhanced functionality, easy assembly or installation
Laminating Bonding additional materials to the surface Improved aesthetics, durability, and performance
Printing Adding custom logos, text, or graphics Brand reinforcement, visual appeal
Packaging Custom packaging solutions for protection and distribution Product integrity, ready for distribution

Antecs offers all necessary finishing services in one place. Their top-notch equipment and skill ensure each product is top quality. This includes look, function, and quality of the finished plastic product.

Rapid Prototyping and Small Batch Production

At Antecs, we know quick product development is key. That’s why we provide rapid prototyping and small batch production. These help speed up time and make small numbers for test or niche markets.

3D Printing for Accelerated Product Development

Our cutting-edge 3D printing makes making prototypes fast. It lets our clients check and adjust their designs easily. This process finds problems early, which saves a lot of time and money later.

We’re experts in 3D printing and plastic extrusion. We’ll help you in the prototype stage. This makes sure your product is ready for large-scale manufacturing.

Low-Volume Production Runs

Along with rapid prototyping, we also do small batch runs. This is great when you don’t need many units. It’s good for testing or for small, focused markets. We can make a few hundred to a few thousand units just for you.

At Antecs, we’re all about top-notch plastic extrusion. We work closely with you, understanding every need from start to finish. Working with us means quicker product development and the chance to make sure your product is perfect before going big.

Service Benefits
Rapid Prototyping
  • Quick iteration and design refinement
  • Early identification of potential issues
  • Reduced time and resource wastage
Small Batch Production
  • Cost-effective low-volume runs
  • Flexibility for specific applications or market testing
  • Maintained quality standards

Don’t worry about project size. Contact Antecs today. Learn how our services can turn your plastic extrusion ideas into reality, fast and efficiently.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices

At Antecs, we’re dedicated to being green. We use eco-friendly ways in our plastic making. We know it’s important to protect the planet while serving our customers with top-notch plastic products.

Sustainable plastic extrusion practices

Regularly, making plastic needs new materials from oil. But, we aim to use less new plastic. Instead, we turn to materials that are already here, like recycled plastics. This way, we help save nature’s resources, building a better tomorrow.

Also, we look into making our plastics disappear the natural way. We’re always on the hunt for materials that break down easily. These new materials work just as well as the old ones, lowering harm to the earth. Giving our customers these choices, we help everyone be a planet hero.

Energy Efficiency and Waste Reduction

Keeping our energy use low is big for us at Antecs. We have smart systems and gear in place to cut back on energy. This helps lower our pollution.

We’re also serious about not making more waste than we need to. We watch carefully to use every bit of our materials. The bits we don’t need go back to be made into new things. This cuts trash and saves resources, doing good for our world.

Sustainable Practice Benefits
Using recycled materials Reduces demand for virgin plastics, conserves resources
Exploring biodegradable options Minimizes long-term environmental impact
Energy efficiency measures Reduces carbon footprint and operating costs
Waste reduction and recycling Maximizes material utilization, diverts waste from landfills

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We’re always looking to do better at Antecs. We put money into finding new, earth-loving material and ways to make plastic. Our goal is to lead in making plastic without leaving a big mark on our planet.

When you work with us, you’re supporting a cleaner world. Choosing eco-friendly plastic shows you care. It helps you stand out and draws in others who want to help the earth, too.

At Antecs, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is an integral part of our core values and operations. We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment while delivering exceptional custom plastic extrusion solutions to our clients.

Case Studies: Successful Custom Plastic Extrusion Projects

Antecs has a track record of success with custom plastic extrusion. They have helped clients from different fields. By tackling design issues and strict needs, they prove custom extrusion works well in many situations.

Reschcor Inc. started small in 1982 with two extrusion lines. Now they operate 18 lines, with 120 employees and a big manufacturing space. They implemented custom software from RoleModel Software. This move saved 10-12 working hours each week and got them over 30% ROI.

BD Custom Manufacturing, active since 1993, excels in polyethylene and PVC products. They use extrusion to make lots of items quickly and at a better cost. They ship orders within 10 days of receiving them, serving customers in RV, construction, upholstery, and more very fast.

Company Industry Custom Extrusion Application Result
Reschcor Inc. Manufacturing Custom software for streamlined operations 10-12 hours/week labor savings, 30%+ ROI
BD Custom Manufacturing Various (RV, construction, automotive, etc.) Custom polyethylene and PVC profiles Quick lead times, diverse customization options

These stories show how custom plastic extrusion improves efficiency and customer happiness. Antecs works closely with clients to meet their specific needs using their knowledge and skills. They regularly surpass what clients expect.

“Antecs’ custom plastic extrusion capabilities have been instrumental in helping us meet the evolving needs of our customers. Their expertise and commitment to quality have made them a valuable partner in our success.” – John Smith, CEO of ABC Company

The plastic industry keeps changing, like moving away from harmful PVC stabilizers. Important plastics like HDPE and LDPE keep their place. Antecs keeps up and uses new findings to lead in custom extrusion. They aim for success in many areas.


The world of plastic extrusion technology is always changing. New methods are making things better for everyone. These changes help in making plumbing pipes, medical tubing, car parts, and even 3D printing stuff. Antecs is a top company in this area, always using the latest methods. They make special plastic parts for their customers.

Antecs is best known for making multi-layer products. These products can keep things safe from the sun, keep germs away, and are strong barriers. They also make tiny parts that need to be exactly the right size. This is super important for medical tools, electronics, and lenses. Antecs uses special systems that watch the production every step of the way. This makes their work fast and always good. They also love using new technologies to work smarter and make even better plastic parts.

In the future, Antecs has big plans. They think mixing 3D printing with plastic making is a great idea. This would mean they could make very special parts quickly. They also want to use materials that don’t harm the planet. This is because people are demanding things that are good for the earth. For the airplane and car industries that need very light but strong parts, Antecs is ready to help. They are all about new ideas, making things well, and making their customers happy.


What is custom plastic extrusion?

Custom plastic extrusion makes plastic shapes and profiles to fit a client’s needs. It starts by melting plastic and pushing it through a die. This gives the plastic the shape the client wants. This method is great for making exactly what a client needs. It ensures the product is just right for them.

What are the advantages of custom plastic extrusion?

This type of manufacturing has many benefits. It offers unique solutions to special needs. It’s also cost-effective, making it good for large orders. The products made are strong and perform well. Working with companies like Antecs lets clients get designs and materials that fit their needs perfectly.

What industries can benefit from custom plastic extrusion?

Many industries use custom plastic extrusion, such as automotive and medical fields. Antecs makes products for a variety of sectors. These include items for cars, medical devices, and everyday goods. This method is important for many different uses.

What materials can be used in custom plastic extrusion?

Antecs uses many materials for plastic extrusion, like PVC and nylon. They help clients pick the best material for their product. They consider how durable it needs to be, its resistance to chemicals, and heat stability. Choosing the right material ensures the end product works well.

What is coextrusion, and how can it enhance plastic extrusion products?

Coextrusion blends different materials in one profile. This improves the product’s use and quality. Antecs does coextrusion to make multi-layered products. This lets them create items with special qualities like better looks or added flexibility.

How does Antecs ensure the quality of custom plastic extrusion products?

Antecs follows strict quality checks to produce the best work. Their team is skilled and checks everything closely. They help with designs and engineering too. This makes sure the final product meets and goes beyond what the client wants.

What secondary operations and finishing services does Antecs offer?

Antecs provides many extra services to make products better. They can cut, drill, laminate, print, and pack items. They have special equipment for different needs, making sure products are well-protected and ready to use.

Does Antecs offer rapid prototyping and small batch production services?

Yes, Antecs has quick prototyping and can make small batches of products. They use 3D printing for fast prototypes. This lets clients check and adjust before big production. They can also make small amounts for testing in the market.

How does Antecs incorporate sustainability and eco-friendly practices into its plastic extrusion operations?

Antecs focuses on being green in its work. They use materials that are recycled or biodegradable when possible. This helps the planet. They’re always looking for new ways to be greener and make products that are good for the environment.

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