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Rubber Band Machine

Rubber Band Machine

Plastic Pipe

Plastic Pipe Machine

Plastic Profile

Plastic Profile Machine

Plastic Profile

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Loop/Tube/Band Machine

Machinery Highlights

The price is friendly, stable and reliable quality, the production of high-quality products, after-sales is more perfect, there will be professional engineers to deal with the installation of the installation guide package taught, is the first choice of entrepreneurs machine!

Mechanical capacity (min. output – max. output)

Minimum: 30kgs/h Maximum: 350 30kgs/h

Core Configuration Benefits

Our machine is a servo machine, digital display screen, Chinese and English display, because it is a servo machine, so it is 20% to 30% more energy-saving than the general machine, long service life, fewer problems

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Disclaimer: Antecs belongs to the sub-brand of JianTai, established to serve high-end clients.

Antecs Customized Plastics Machinery Solutions

  With the rapid development of global manufacturing, customized production has become key to meeting specific needs. As a leading supplier in the plastic machinery industry, Antecs is committed to providing diversified and efficient solutions. We specialize in a variety of plastic processing equipment, including but not limited to plastic pipe machines, plastic profile machines, plastic vine machines, rubber band machines, ring/pipe/belt machines, and plastic pelletizing machines.

Plastic Pipe Machines

Antecs’ plastic pipe machines utilize advanced technology and innovative design to meet the production of various specifications and requirements of plastic pipes. Our machines offer high efficiency and stability, ensuring the production of high-quality plastic pipes.

Plastic Profile Machines

To meet various application requirements, Antecs’ plastic profile machines offer flexible production solutions. Whether it’s simple profiles or complex designs, we provide high-precision and high-speed processing capabilities.

Plastic Vine Machines

Antecs’ plastic vine machines provide reliable production equipment for the agricultural and horticultural industries. Designed with the specific characteristics of vines in mind, our machines can precisely process various plastic vine products, ensuring their quality and durability.

Rubber Band Machines

Rubber bands are widely used in daily life and industrial production, requiring efficient and stable production equipment. Antecs’ rubber band machines meet this demand, capable of quickly and accurately producing various specifications and types of rubber bands.

Ring/Pipe/Belt Machines

Whether it’s ring-shaped, tubular, or belt-shaped products, Antecs provides customized production solutions. Our ring/pipe/belt machines are multifunctional, adaptable to different production needs, ensuring product quality and production efficiency.

Plastic Pelletizing Machines

Antecs’ plastic pelletizing machines are specifically designed for plastic recycling and regeneration, converting waste plastic into high-quality pellets. Our machines are compact in structure, easy to operate, and provide a reliable solution for environmental plastic recycling.


Antecs is committed to providing comprehensive plastic machinery solutions for customers, from plastic pipe machines to plastic pelletizing machines. We offer high-quality and efficient equipment and services for all your needs. Whatever your requirements, we can provide customized solutions to help you achieve your production goals.

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