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100~150kg/H Capacity PP PE HDPE LDPE Plastic Pellets Machine

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A. Processed materials: HDPE LDPE PP PE ABS PA HIPS

B. Easy operation, digital display, low cost, high quality, good service

C. Pelletizing line mainly consists Main Extruder, cooling bath, blowing dryer, pellets cutter and silo.

D. Electric single screen changer, Electric double screen changer, Hydraulic single screen changer, Hydraulic double screen changer, non-mesh screen changer for your choice.
E. Intelligent PLC touch screen control cabinet for whole line.


SKU: 50 Category:


As environmental awareness rises, plastic recycling and reutilization is becoming increasingly important. Our ANT-100D plastic pelletizing machine is specially designed for recycling plants to effectively recover various waste plastics and convert them into high-quality plastic pellet feedstock for manufacturing packaging film, piping, profiles, and other plastic products.

Product Features:

  • Output: 120-170kg/hour
  • Processes PP, PE and other waste plastics
  • Compact size with weight of just 2000kg
  • 37kw/50HP main motor
  • Variable frequency speed control for smooth operation
  • Key components use imported technology and parts
  • Certified to ISO9001:2008 standard

Working Principle

This machine utilizes internationally advanced technology to cut, friction, masticate and filter various waste plastics, efficiently converting them into small plastic pellets. The pellet size is consistent, which can be directly used in foaming, injection molding, extrusion, rolling, and other manufacturing processes.

Main Applications

The plastic pelletizer is suitable for recycling various plastic wastes, including:

  • Waste plastic films, bags, pipes
  • Plastic buckets, cups, toys
  • Agricultural films, fishing nets, ropes
  • Injection molding residues, packing film trims

The processed plastic pellets have good quality and low metal content, making ideal recycled feedstock to remake all kinds of plastic goods.

Our Service

  • Provide complete solutions covering equipment selection and process design
  • Installation, commissioning, operator training and technical support
  • 1 year warranty and free spare parts


This plastic pelletizing machine will help you achieve resource utilization from waste plastics. Not only is it highly profitable, it also aligns with environmental sustainability. If you are interested in this equipment, please contact us. We will be more than glad to serve you!

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